Small reminder to the fandom:The chap will probably not be out today,and you should get used to it most likely being out on mondays

skycure: Top 3 Fairy Tail characters? :D

I can’t pick just three!



Fairy Tail fan artists! This is your big chance!
Most volumes of Fairy Tail contain the “Guild d’Art,” in which creator Hiro Mashima reviews fan art submitted from around Japan (and sometimes other parts of Asia). For years we’ve hoped there would one day be a global edition of “Guild d’Art,” and we’ve finally gotten our wish! Vol. 46, coming out in Japan in November (and in ebook formats in English just a few weeks later), will have two full spreads of fan art from around the world, with Mashima-sensei’s comments! (Also, each page has a “rejected” section, so keep in mind your piece might end up there… nothing personal!)
Here’s what you have to go to join the guild: Submit your fan art to by Sept. 22, along with the name you want used as your credit in the book and your address. There won’t be room for everyone’s art, but the lucky few who are selected will get a free Fairy Tail poster signed by Mashima-sensei.
Anonymous: How do you think Fairy Tail is going to end?

With Ichiya saving the world with his trusty cucumber.

Anonymous: W-what.. Just how fast are you?? The chapter just came out and you already post mangacaps.. Just.. Wow



I’m as fast as Jet in bed.


idk if that is a good thing but yes new chapter is out!!!

Would you like to find out?

Anonymous: julaugust 39nd?

Yes. Might be raining that day though so don’t step outside if you value your life.

[Seriously though, I really don’t have a clue. I’m guessing this time next week?]

Anonymous: so, when are we getting the next chapter?

As in 397? As in right now?

If you’re talking about 398, it’ll be julaugust 39nd.