Anonymous: How do you know that person who asked where to read them, isn't a new follower and didn't know? Why not be a little nicer to your followers? Jeez

Because I expect my followers to at least scroll down my page before asking, where the answer actually was? Jeez.

melissamarie2108: Where are you finding the Fairy Tail Light Novel 2 scans?! I need to read this!

Already answered.

Seriously, I’m not keeping them for myself.

How would I get any use out of them if I can’t read the kanji?



Which ask blog would you like to see created?

tbh it’ll force me to draw a lot more inbetween larger pieces.

send me an ask with character suggestions!

answers to the above blog, tumblr doesn’t notify me of asks on the mangacap blog!

I’m an idiot, accidentally reblogged this on the wrong blog.

wendysass: I think estella-may might have it on her blog

I don’t think she has, the only recent Fairy Tail translations I could find was for Blue Mistral. Unless I’m totally missing it in the tags!